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This online class covers everything we do on the 2 day Field Trip… tax deeds, liens, overages and some wholesaling. The program is split up into 6 modules and are designed for you to go through one week at a time, but you can go at your own pace and finish faster if you’d like. There will be 2 Live sessions with Sandra where she will go over Title Searches halfway after module 3 and attend a live online auction with Sandra on the final week. These live sessions will be offered via Zoom a super easy and interactive.

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  1. Thanks Mercy, I just got a dat for the next Field Trip, Nov 16th & 17th in Tampa!

  2. I enjoyed this seminar a great deal. The forms etc on due diligence are very helpful and i intend to take the class again in the future. A lot of useful content in a 2 day class. I recommend this class to anyone interested in investing in Tax liens or deeds.

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